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Questions about Computer Virus

tcx2018 -
A.What is Computer Virus?
Computer Virus is a set of computer instructions or program code that the compiler inserts into a computer program to destroy computer functions or data, which can affect the use of the computer and can self-replicate.
B.What harm will computer viruses do to our computer?
1.They will slow down your computer.
2.They consume memory and your precious disk space,
3.They destroy hard drive and computer data.
4.They keeps sending spam or other information, causing network congestion or embarrassment.
5.They steal user's privacy, confidential documents, account information, etc.
C.How to prevent Computer Virus?
1. You should form good safety habits and put it into practice.
2. Please disable or remove unwanted services from the system.
3. Please remember to upgrade your security patches frequently;
4. Please use complex passwords.
5. Please quickly quarantine infected computers
6. Please download genuine software or programs from the official website
7. Do not browse suspicious websites.
8. Please install personal firewall software.
D.What to do if your computer is infected with Computer Virus?
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