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Streaming Video CPU Usage

tcx2018 -
Streaming HD video can challenge the capabilities of even the most powerful cutting-edge computer. If you're seeing stuttering and buffering issues when attempting to play a video stream, one or more parts of your system is being pushed too hard and you may find that your CPU usage is extremely high. Before you replace your processor, take a look at how streaming works and why a new CPU may not be the answer.

Network Slowdowns

·         One of the most crucial elements comes into play before the stream even reaches your local PC. It takes a robust network to transfer high definition video data in real time, and unfortunately a bottleneck can occur in many places. The video stream may be experiencing slowdowns before it even gets to your home, courtesy of heavy traffic or inefficient servers and network infrastructure. Your Internet connection may lack the bandwidth to support HD streaming, especially during "peak hours" on a shared connection such as a cable ISP. For example, Netflix recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps for streaming HD quality video.


Residential Issues


·         Your home is likewise full of ways to thwart the free flow of video streaming data. Long cable runs, junctions and damaged wiring can introduce interference that intermittently slows down your connection, especially in older homes and multifamily dwellings. Wireless networks are prone to structural interference from walls and ceilings, and Wi-Fi bandwidth can easily be bogged down by simultaneous connections. In all these cases, you may have plenty of free bandwidth for most Internet activities, but watching streaming HD video pushes your connection to the point where minor inefficiencies become more obvious.


PC Housecleaning

·         Assuming that your network is optimized for streaming video, your computer itself may be improperly optimized. There are a number of simple fixes that you can try to relieve your CPU and other system resources, such as closing down applications and browser windows, stopping unnecessary background tasks and services, and making sure that your operating system and hardware drivers are all up to date. Anything that will cause your PC to run slightly slower during normal use will have a drastic impact on demanding tasks such as HD video streaming.


Video Card Demands


·         All video tasks on your PC will depend greatly on the performance of your graphics hardware. If your system sports a cutting-edge PCI Express 3.0 video card with plenty of onboard memory and a GPU that handles multimedia subroutines, you don't need to worry. However, if your graphics card or onboard video is a few years past its prime, much of the video processing will be passed along to the system CPU and RAM.


Memory is Essential


·         The importance of RAM in streaming video cannot be understated; if you have a low amount of RAM or an older memory interface, you may be expecting too much from your system. Hulu Plus recommends at least 128 MB of RAM, but your performance will benefit from upgrading to 4 GB or more of DDR3. If you see significant CPU usage, your memory may actually be the weak link -- your processor manages system memory, especially virtual memory, and when the RAM capacity or bandwidth is stressed, much of the "overflow" burden falls on the CPU.


CPU Transcoding


·         The CPU is also crucial for applications that utilize transcoding tasks (turning one video format into another) in real time, which can put a serious strain on available processing power. Like many video streaming providers, Amazon Instant Video uses Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight, both of which access the CPU during streaming. Amazon recommends a Pentium 4 2.33GHz processor for PCs, and an Intel Core Duo 1.33 GHz as an absolute minimum, but the amount of data required by full-length HD video will likely require something much more powerful.

How to Make a Slow USB Flash Drive Faster?

tcx2018 -
You  must have experienced annoyingly slow data transfer rates.


In this post, you will witness hidden tricks that have proven to produce magnanimous results.


Now, let's get down to business.


1. Change Device Policy

Change the drive's settings to boost its performance, literally:

Plugin your pen drive

Locate your pen drive and right-click it to choose Properties

Select Hardware tab

Highlight your drive

Click Properties button

Under General tab, click Change settings

Access Policies tab

Select Better performance and choose OK
Making this change enables write caching in Windows that noticeably enhances data transfer rates. However, it should be noted that using this option requires you to Eject USB Mass Storage before you unplug the gadget.


2. Convert FAT32 Drive to NTFS Format

NTFS file system has vast improvements over the FAT32 format. Generally speaking, it has enhanced access speed owing to the smaller number of instructions required to read/write data, fault tolerance capabilities because of its automatic recovery features, and many others like file encryption and security, and larger data handling abilities.


To convert your USB drive to the NTFS type, follow these steps:


Note: you will lose all contained data. Ensure you keep its backup in some other drive


Plugin flash drive

From Computer Window, right click the device

Select Format

Click the dropdown menu under File system and set NTFS

Uncheck Quick Format

Click Start


3. Update USB Drivers

Drivers hold the key to operating your devices. Developers regularly release new updates that are generally more advanced and much more capable to handle device functions. Make sure you ride your unit on the latest advancement by ensuring the following procedure:


Search device manager on the Start Screen

Select Settings and press Enter

Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers

Right-click each component and click Update Driver Software

Follow the on-screen instructions to install any available updates

The methods described in this script are proven procedures to boost memory storage performances. However, if you are looking for greater advancements, acquire a faster USB drive (preferably USB 3.0). In addition, maintain a 'clean' PC with absolutely no viruses/malware, and also limit CPU activity while performing the transfer. Both these activities will ensure maximum attention provided to the undergoing task.

How to Fix Virtual Memory Too Low Problem?

tcx2018 -

"Out of virtual memory" is one of the Windows annoying errors. Usually your PC starts freezing first. Then an error appears and tells you that your virtual memory is too low. In this article we are going to explain what causes this error and how to fix it .

Note: Typically, this low virtual memory problem happens in an old computer.

What is virtual memory?

Virtual memory, also known as page file or swap file, is a file on your hard disk that Windows uses in addition to physical memory (RAM) whenever the need arises. For example, when you are running an application or a process your RAM can't handle, virtual memory is there to help. Usually the page file is 1.5 times the amount of physical memory.

Why does the "low on virtual memory" error occur?

There are two things that usually cause this error:

 1. You don't have enough RAM;

 2. An application on your computer is buggy and is causing a memory leak.

How to fix it?

Getting rid of this error is not too difficult, especially if it happens because your computer doesn't have enough RAM. If that's the case, all you need to do is add more physical memory to speed up computer performance. If you can't do it immediately, you can increase the size of the page file. Here's how to do it:

Right-click on My Computer and go to Properties.


Click on the Advanced tab (or Advanced system settings link if you are using Windows 7 or Vista) and then click on the Settings button in the Performance section.


A new window will open. Go to the Advanced tab.


Find the Virtual memory section and click on the Change button.


Select the System managed size option or manually change the size of the page file.


Click OK.


It might just be the case that your computer needs more real, physical memory. By this I mean RAM sticks that can be purchased in most computer, electronics, or office supply stores. If your PC is more than three years old, chances are it's close to being obsolete -- at least in terms of the ability to run today's resource-hogging software packages. And adding RAM to an older computer is the most effective thing you can do to upgrade it.


However, if the error is caused by a buggy application, you'll first need to identify the culprit. To do that, open the Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard) and go to the Processes tab. Then click on View –> Select Columns. Check the Virtual Memory Size (in Windows 7 choose Commit Size) checkbox and click OK. Now the Task Manager will be showing how much virtual memory each application is using. If you click on the VM Size or Commit Size column name twice, the processes will be sorted based on how much virtual memory they are using, from largest to smallest. You will instantly see which process in the most hungry one.


Then you'll need to find the application that's running the process.


Now that you know which program is causing low virtual memory, you can try to fix it. First of all try updating the software – usually updates fix bugs like that. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. If that doesn't work either, contact the software support team and search the Internet for that particular software problem.


Why Does My Screen Jump Up & Down?

tcx2018 -
Navigating long documents and Web pages requires the ability to scroll smoothly. Dealing with a monitor screen that jumps unexpectedly makes it difficult to read text and see Web pages properly. This jumpy behavior can occur due to numerous factors, ranging from software conflict or faulty hardware.


Malfunctioning Mouse


·         In some cases, a jumpy screen is caused by a malfunctioning mouse. Many computer mice offer a scroll wheel in between the two selection buttons on the front, which helps scroll without the use of the scroll bar on the right of the screen. A faulty mouse may send incorrect commands to the computer, resulting in a jumpy screen. Try a different mouse on your computer to see if the screen continues to jump. If not, the original mouse was your culprit.



·         All the components within your computer require specialized files called drivers to communicate with each other properly. A jumpy screen could indicate out-of-date drivers in the graphics card or monitor. If these files are older, they may not work properly with each other or the operating system, causing odd screen behavior. Updates for your operating system are found at, while your computer manufacturer's support Web pages may offer driver updates specific to your system.


Monitor Issues


·         Monitor failure produces odd screen behavior, including flickering, jumping and color changes. Older, large CRT monitors contain components inside that degrade over time, and are susceptible to magnetic interference, both of which can produce a jumpy screen image. Failing monitors do not communicate with the computer and graphics card properly, regardless of driver version. Connect your jumpy monitor to another computer and see if the problem persists. If it does, it's a good indication that the monitor itself is at fault and needs replaced.


Virus Infestation


·         Even if you have the most up-to-date drivers and operating system, a virus infestation can cause any number of problems within your computer and display. A virus can alter the way your monitor communicates with the mouse, graphics card or motherboard, which can in turn cause screen issues such as jumping. Run a virus scan to find and remove any hidden invaders that may be causing your screen issues.

How to enable/disable 3rd-party plug-ins

tcx2018 -

1. Find: Internet Options -- Programs -- Manage add-ons

2. Click it and find the item needed to be enabled/disabled by name.

3. Click "enable/disable" accordingly.

4. Close the panel.(Press "OK" in IE-6.)

FAQ about Registry File

tcx2018 -

Q1:What is Registry?

A:The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores low-level settings for the Microsoft Windows operating system and for applications that opt to use the registry. The kernel, device drivers, services, Security Accounts Manager, and user interface can all use the registry. The registry also allows access to counters for profiling system performance.

In simple terms, the registry or Windows Registry contains information, settings, options, and other values for programs and hardware installed on all versions of Microsoft Windows opera.

Q2:What is the symptom of corrupted registry files?

A:1. When using a program that used to work normally, you get message like "cannot find *.dll", or other message indicating the program is partially missing and cannot be located.

   2. The application displays an error message such as "Cannot find embedded object on server" or "Cannot find OLE control". 

   3. When you click on a document, you encounter an error message "The application cannot open this type of document" even if the correct application is installed and the extension (or file type) of the document is correct. 

   4. The "Explorer" page contains folders, files without icons or or unexpected strange icons  

   5. The Start menu or Control Panel item is missing or grayed out and is in an inactive state. 

   6. The network connection cannot be established or no longer appears in the Dial-Up Network or the Network of the Control Panel area. 

   7. Hardware devices that worked fine not long ago no longer function or  in the "Device Manager" list. 

   8.Windows system can not start at all, or can only be started in safe mode or MS-DOS mode.

Q3:What to do if you find corrupted files?

A:Please try sfc:

Please run SFC to see whether the system files are corrupted, and it will fix disk problem automatically. 

How to run SFC by Administrator on Windows 7 - Vista:
1.Go to Start / All Programs / Accessories. 
2.Right click the Command Prompt item and select the "Run as Administrator" option. 
3.Click Continue on the UAC prompt. 
4.In the command prompt window, type the following command. 
Press ENTER. 
(Make sure the command is entered exactly as shown, including the space) 
5.This will take a few minutes to run, try not to use the computer while it is running. 
6.After this is finished, exit any running programs and reboot the computer. 

How to run SFC by Administrator on Windows XP:
1.Press Win+R button on your keyboard
2.Type CMD, press enter
4.Press ENTER. 
(Make sure the command is entered exactly as shown, including the space) 
5.This will take a few minutes to run; try not to use the computer while it is running.
6.After this is finished, exit any running programs and reboot the computer. 
To run Win 10 sfc:
Right-click (or press and hold) the Start button,then select Command Prompt (Admin).
Enter sfc /scannow (note the space between "sfc" and "/").
Restart your computer.

You can also try Major.Please try the steps below:

1.Please run MajorAV as administrator.

2.Please click"Speed Booster" and choose "System Optimizer".

3.Please click "Optimize"

See if it helps.

Thank you

FAQ about license

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Q 1: What exactly is a license key?

A license key is composed of 32 characters with numbers 0-9 and capital letters A-F. Your license key will be sent to you automatically after your order is processed. You can find it in your order confirmation email sent by

Q 2: My license key didn't work, what can I do?

If you have purchased a license key from us, the license key would have been emailed to you automatically. Please try not to type it into the text box but to copy it from the email and paste it into the text box so that you can avoid the typing errors. What's more, please note that the registration information is case sensitive. If you still have problems, please contact

Q3:How long will I get my license after order finished?
Your will get the license instantly after you click 'completed the order' button on payment platform. And will will also send the license via email in 5 minutes after the order finished .

Q4:Will you recharge my card automatically when my license key expires?
We will not recharge your card automatically when your license key expires. When the expiring date approaches, the software will gently remind you to renew it when you run the program.

q5:Why do you charge me a VAT tax?
The VAT tax and other additional fees are collected by the third party platform,ClickBank and Mycommerce. You can visit the following page to get more details about this particular tax:

Q 6: What is your refund policy?
We will refund to our users if they are dissatisfied with a product purchased from Foxth Software and request a refund within 30 days after the purchase. But this only applies to the situation when you make the original purchase. You can contact us via our support email: support@WiseFixer .com. When you contact us, we will provide you with technical support and additional product instructions first to help you use the product. If you're still not satisfied, we will be happy to issue a refund to you. Generally, Foxth Software will issue a refund for the following reasons: dissatisfaction with the product, or there is verifiable information that the original purchase was made by using fraudulent or unauthorized payment.

Q 7: How can I contact your support team?
Please contact our support team via

Q8: What MajorAV will do on my computer?

MajorAV will scan your computer errors, registry problems, system config and unused files, evidence and junk files. And clean these items after you click repair button.

Q9:How does MajorAV works?
MajorAV is easy to use, to qucik start:
1. Run MajorAV
2. Click 'Quick Scan'
3. After scan completed, click 'Repair All' button.
Q10: How Can I get help on using WiseFixer
Please Visit our online help here:
Q11: How can I uninstall MajorAV?
To uninstall MajorAV , please refer to the online help link:

Q11:Where can I see my license and billing information?

You can see your billing information in your email we sent to you.The email is like this:

Why choose MajorAV

tcx2018 -
1.30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Try before you purchase with a free trial – and even after your have paid, you're still covered by our 30-day, no-risk guarantee.
2.Secure Online Payment
We value your privacy and protect your financial and personal data with full encryption and advanced fraud protection.
Knowledgeable representatives are available to assist you through email response within one business day.
4.All in one PC care
We will keep improving our product  and providing you the best service all the time.

How to Change Password on Windows 10 computer

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If you have already set a password for your computer, it is also essiential to change it regularly to keep your PC from unauthorized access. Changing the password in windows 10 is easy and will not take much time. Here are some steps on how to do it. 

Step 1: Type "Control Panel" in search option which is at the bottom left corner. 

Step 2: Choose "User account" option where you can change the password. 

Step 3: Click on "Make changes to my account in PC settings". 

Step 4: Click on "Sign-in options" in the left sidebar option. 

Step 5: Click on the "Change" button under the "Password" section. And then it will be required to enter your current windows 10 password so that you are able to change it. After that you can enter a new password for your PC. 

Change screen brightness in Windows 10

tcx2018 -
  • Select Start , choose Settings , then select System > Display. Under Brightness and color, move the Change brightness slider to adjust the brightness. (If the slider isn't there, see the Notes section below.)
  • Some PCs can let Windows automatically adjust screen brightness based on the current lighting conditions. To find out if your PC supports this, in Display settings, under Brightness and color, look for the Change brightness automatically when lighting changes check box, and then select it to use this feature. This automatic setting helps make sure your screen is readable wherever you go. Even if you use it, you can still move the Change brightnessslider to fine-tune the brightness level.

  • Notes: 

    • You might not see the Change brightness slider on desktop PCs that have an external monitor. To change the brightness on an external monitor, use the buttons on it. 

    • If you don't have a desktop PC and the slider doesn't appear or work, try updating the display driver. In the search box on the taskbar, type Device Manager, and then select Device Manager from the list of results. In Device Manager, select Display adapters, then select the display adapter. Press and hold (or right-click) the display adapter name, then select Update driver and follow the instructions.

How to Enable On Access File Scan

tcx2018 -

Sometimes when you run MajorAV,you may encounter a message below:

How to resolve this problem?

Step 1:Please right click MajorAV and choose "Properties".You will see its location file.

Step 2:Please open the file of MajorAV,click the "on_access" file and click the "on-access-driverinstall.cmd" and click "Run as administrator".

And you will see screenshots below:

Step 3;Please restart your computer.

Note:You may meet with an message warning "Some programs are modifying the driver/service, it is recommended to block",but don't worry,please just ignore the pop-up.

What are junk files?

tcx2018 -
Your hard disk is the storage device which holds the entire Windows operating system and all of your important files and data.
Through long-time use of your computer, your hard disk will become cluttered with hundreds or even thousands of Junk Files. These junk files are created by Windows and other programs that writes temporary files to your hard disk during installation and functioning process in order to work efficiently.
The problem is that these junk files are often not removed from your hard disk, even after they are no longer needed, which wastes your precious and important disk space.
A hard drive has a limited amount of space. If you run out of hard drive space, your computer may lockup, crash, or even fail to start-up.

The more files you have on your hard drive, the more time it can take to access files while using the computer, the more data you have on your hard drive, the performance is much slower.

Removing the garbage files from your system can regain megabytes or even gigabytes of valuable disk space on your hard drive. This will give you more hard drive space for new programs as well as data files like pictures, movies or other important files and helps avoid possible computer issues caused by low disk space.

MajorAV easily allows you to remove these unwanted junk files to instantly free up hard disk space.

How to activate MajorAV?

tcx2018 -

To begin with, please make sure your Internet is connected. 

Step 1:Please right click MajorAV and choose "Run as administrator"

Step 2:Please click the menu icon  on the right top corner,when the menu pops up,please click "Activate Now".

Step 3:Please press Ctrl+C to copy your license number and press Ctrl+V to paste your license.You will see whether your license is activated successfully or not.

Note:There should be no space before or after the license.

What is MajorAV?

tcx2018 -

MajorAV is a top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner which can remove virus,fix system errors,improve start-up,clean registry,defrag disk,optimise system settings and update your drivers.You can use it to scan, clean, optimize,update and keep your PC healthy and stable!

Use MajorAV to help fix this issue! If you have not registered, please register here:

MajorAV is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can register with confidence!I promise it will not let you down!

How to Stop Unwanted Pop-Ups in Chrome

tcx2018 -

Step 1: Click on the Chrome menu icon and choose "Settings". 

Step 2: Type "Popups" into the search setting field. 

Step 3: Click "Content Settings". 

Step 4: Under Popups, you will find "Block" as default, but if it shows "Allowed", please click Popups. 

Step 5: Turn off the switch to allowed. 

The following two steps can help you remove your approved list of sites. 

Step 1: Click on the three dots icon. 

Step 2: Select Remove if you want to block it. 

How to Enable Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10

tcx2018 -

Step 1Type "gpedit.msc" in Run and click OK


Step 2Go for Computer configuration --> Administrative templates --> Windows components --> Windows defender antivirus --> Windows defender exploit guard --> Controlled folder access.

Step 3: On the right side, double-click the Configure Controlled Folder Access


Step 4: Choose Enabled and select the Block option in drop-down menu. Then click Apply and OK


After that, your files and folders stored in the default locations will be guarded. 

How to Turn Off Keylogger in Windows 10 to Improve Data Privacy

tcx2018 -

A keylogger (short for keystroke logger) is a software or hardware that installed on your computer that tracks what you type. Of course, nobody wants to be monitored, so in this article, I will show you how to disable keylogger on Windows 10. 

Step 1: Click Settings in Start Menu, and choose Privacy


Step 2: Select speech, inking & typing

Step 3: Activate or Turn on the button "Turn off speech services and typing suggestions". 


Step 4: Go to Diagnostics & Feedback and switch diagnostic and usage data to basic

Step 5: Turn off the option "Improve inking and typing recognition". 

how to fix Fortnite Unsupported Graphics Card Error?

tcx2018 -
Manual Method:
  1. Open Device Manager on your computer.
  2. Double click Display adapters to expand it. Then right click on your graphics card to select Enable device.

    If it's already enabled, disable it and then re-enable your graphics card.
  3. Restart your computer, and launch the game again to see if it works.

Automatic Method:

1.Please run MajorAV as administrator.

2.Please click "Driver Updater".

3.Please click "Start Scan".

4.Please download and install the latest driver.

What to do when your computer's hard disk read and write function is not normal?

tcx2018 -
This problem is caused by trojan.
To resolve this problem,I will suggest that you try MajorAV.
Please just follow the steps below:
Step 1:Please run MajorAV as administrator.
Step 2:Please click "Antivirus".
Step 3:Please click "Full Scan".
Step 4:When the process finishes,please click "Quarantine" or "Remove".
Note:The process may take some time if there are many files in your computer,please be patient.And you may need to restart your computer.

What to do when you suddenly loses control over your computer?

tcx2018 -

This problem is caused by trojan.

To resolve this problem,I will suggest that you try MajorAV.

Please just follow the steps below:

Step 1:Please run MajorAV as administrator.

Step 2:Please click "Antivirus".

Step 3:Please click "Full Scan".

Step 4:When the process finishes,please click "Quarantine" or "Remove".

Note:The process may take some time if there are many files in your computer,please be patient.And you may need to restart your computer.