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Virus Scan
Remove/Quarantine No Limitation Remove Virus: Only 1 item one time
Realtime Protection
Startup Optimizer
Startup Manager
Services Optimizer
Drivers Updater No Limitation Scan: No Limitation
Download: only 1 driver simultaneously
System Cleaner No Limitation Scan: No Limitation
Clean: Only up to 100 items at a time
$9.99/month $99.99
*Prices may vary due to different market strategies. Subscription services automatically renew at the regular rate using the same payment method, unless you request a change or cancel. Prices exclude VAT.
What's new in version 2019
Update: 2018-9-12
  1. Fixed some bugs
  2. Added more language support
  3. Updated the virus engine
  4. Improve GUI and user experience

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MajorAV is an unified solution for your PC security and performance. With \"Start Scan\", you can examine the overall condition of your computer within minutes, and optimize it to the best state with just one click.

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