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How to deal with Marvell LAN Port Is Not Working?

tcx2018 -
firmware for the router.


Defective Port


·         If your Marvell LAN port fails to work after installing the firmware and turning off or rebooting the router, the LAN port itself may be bad. This typically occurs when the router is dropped or otherwise damaged. The port may also be defective due to a manufacturing error. You can usually resolve this issue by contacting Marvell to have your router's LAN port repaired or replaced.


Bad Cable


·         When connecting a device to your Marvell's LAN port, you must use an Ethernet cable. If the cable is damaged in any way, the LAN port appears as if it's not working. Signs of cable damage include exposed or bent parts of the wire, although some cables may appear to be fine even though they aren't fully functional. If your cable is to blame for your LAN port issue, you can fix the problem by repairing or replacing it. Cables can be purchased at any electronics store or online.