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What are junk files?

tcx2018 -
Your hard disk is the storage device which holds the entire Windows operating system and all of your important files and data.
Through long-time use of your computer, your hard disk will become cluttered with hundreds or even thousands of Junk Files. These junk files are created by Windows and other programs that writes temporary files to your hard disk during installation and functioning process in order to work efficiently.
The problem is that these junk files are often not removed from your hard disk, even after they are no longer needed, which wastes your precious and important disk space.
A hard drive has a limited amount of space. If you run out of hard drive space, your computer may lockup, crash, or even fail to start-up.

The more files you have on your hard drive, the more time it can take to access files while using the computer, the more data you have on your hard drive, the performance is much slower.

Removing the garbage files from your system can regain megabytes or even gigabytes of valuable disk space on your hard drive. This will give you more hard drive space for new programs as well as data files like pictures, movies or other important files and helps avoid possible computer issues caused by low disk space.

MajorAV easily allows you to remove these unwanted junk files to instantly free up hard disk space.