Main Window

The Main window will appear as below when you start MajorAV.




The tab areas include:

l  Malware and Threats

l  Privacy Traces

l  Junk Files

l  Registry Entries

l  Driver Updates

l  System Optimization

l  Startup Optimization

l  Security Holes

l  Disk Defragment

l  System Errors



Minimize and Exit

Standard buttons to minimize and exit the Main window are shown as below.




From left to right, they are 1-Click Maintenance quick button, Anti-Malware quick button, Online Help, Activate Now, Register, Menu, Minimize, Maximize and Exit.

1-Click Maintenance quick button: It can switch interface with Anti-Malware function. You can Start Scan here.

Anti-Malware quick button: Scan for malware and potentially unwanted application.

Online Help: You can get online help with this click.

Activate Now: Put your license here and activate software.

Register: To register software here.

Menu: It provides functional entry for most functions of the software.


Minimize: Hide the window so that it is not in view on the desktop but is placed on the taskbar.

Maximize: Maximize the window so that you can have detail information of the product and you can use it more conveniently.

Exit: Close the program.


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